PLX Wideband

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PLX Wideband

Post by chrisfjr83 »

Is there any way to use a PLX wideband in place of the factory wideband on a 2000 civic ex with a K24A2 swap. I am trying to figure out while I am in the process of building up the motor. I already have a PLX IMFD system and was wanting to know so hopefully I wont have to purchase the Factory O2 sensor. If it is possible could some please let me know how to wire it in.
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Post by Floppie »

You should be able to get a lambda reading, but you probably won't be able to run closed loop. The factory wideband also outputs a narrowband signal for closed loop (not sure why Honda engineered it this way, it's really kind of stupid, but whatever)

So if you're just going to use the sensor for datalogging/tuning and run the car open loop, it should work fine. That's what I do. But no closed loop.
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