Force radiator fan on parameter not working?

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Force radiator fan on parameter not working?

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Ok so I have had my kpro for about 3 years now and just now am wanting to setup the force fan on at parameter to somewhere around 185-190 deg area the only problem is it didn't work when I changed it in my calibration... So I thought maybe it wasn't wired in or whatever since I used Hybrid racing kswap harness I found this weird so after doing some schematic research I then tested B6 pin on the ecu connector by grounding it out and the fan turned on so that tells me the wiring is good. I then thought maybe one of the ecu grounds were not strong enough to turn fan on so I tested all of those and they had no issue what so ever. I am now thinking its a possible driver issue in the ecu or something im just overlooking so if anyone knowledgeable would like to take a stab at this and help me figure it out I would greatly appreciate it. Its a '94 civic cx hatch with a '03 k20a2 using the hybrid-racing conversion harness.
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Re: Force radiator fan on parameter not working?

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Are you using a relay?

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Re: Force radiator fan on parameter not working?

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also force radiator fan did not work on Euro Civic Type-R (EP3) using PRB KPro ECU

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