PRC KPRO and Boost Control

K-Series Programmable ECU installation questions / support issues
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PRC KPRO and Boost Control

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Now, having seen that the PRC JDM ecu with KPRO doesn't work with Traction Control because of the Missing ELD pin. (damn).
Would boost control with a boost solenoid work fine?
Just wanted to make sure.

Also, if i decided to go with a PRB ecu, is there a way i can transfer the Hondata chip over from the PRC to the PRB ECU? Or would i be better off buying a new PRB ECU.

If i get the PRB ecu, my car being a JDM DC5, i know the E1 and E10 pins are swapped around between the two ECUs.
Other than that would the onboard immobilizer give me issues even if i disable the Immobilizer in KPRO.

can i solder a wire that joins E1 and E10 together so i don't have to repin the harness?
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Re: PRC KPRO and Boost Control

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You can use a PRC for all the things you want to do. It will work.
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