Running no o2 Sensors with kpro

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Running no o2 Sensors with kpro

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Whats up hondata community,
So I have recently completed my swap, currently i don't have any o2 sensors installed and would like to know how i can disable them and safley drive my car until get one.
Error Codes
Code DTC
41-1 P1166 Heated oxygen sensor sensor 1
65-2 P0141 Secondary O2 circuit heater circuit malfunction.

Would i have to goto Closed Loop>
Disable P1167 (O2 sensor heater)
Disable P0134 (O2 sensor response)
Is there anything dangerous about driving around without o2 sensor? Do i have to change anything in specific if I'm running no o2?

Partial throttle has a fall off in rpm, it gets tough at low speeds in traffic lol. It's unable to hold low rpms with partial.

Any help would be much appreciated thanks

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Re: Running no o2 Sensors with kpro

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You would have to disable closed loop and the secondary O2 sensor, but without the primary there is no way to know if you are running too rich or too lean.

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Re: Running no o2 Sensors with kpro

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you should run at least the primary, you gain nothing by running no o2 sensors.

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