Shift light rpm problems

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Shift light rpm problems

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For a long time I was thinking it was driver error. Now it seems that it is not.

Here's the problem. I cannot get any shift light to come on when it's commanded. I have set the shift light rpm settings multiple times , try to use cel and even used the nos settings as a output. I have even switched the output pins for each and nothing helps. It always triggers at the overall rev limit.

So because I couldn't comprehend what the issue was I purchased a iq3 dash. Wired it in and it all works as designed. Or so I thought.
I set the progressive shift lights up and set to 9500 and checked the log. It was still off.
Set the iq3 settings to 9000 and still off.
Last light comes on at 10000+

Have you ever seen this before?
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