AIM Solo2 DL - CANBus

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AIM Solo2 DL - CANBus

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I have a KPro V4 exporting CAN data to an Aim Solo2 DL.
I have the Digital Output set to AIM MXL
I have the CAN Output set to MoTeC SDL/ADL
I have PLX sensor data being set to the digital inputs, as described here: ... inputs.htm
I have all of these channels available within the Aim Solo2 DL: ... inputs.htm

In KPro datalogs, I can see all the channels that are exported on the CAN Bus (as I should) and the Digital Inputs being sent by the PLX sensors.

BUT, I cannot see the PLX sensor data in my Aim Solo2 DL... is there a way to view this on the Solo2 DL? Are the digital inputs even being sent to the CANBus (not sure if they would or not)?

I want to see my PLX sensor data that is being sent to the digital input on my KPro, on my Aim Solo2 DL, via the ECU connection to the Solo2.

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Re: AIM Solo2 DL - CANBus

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It can only send the data for the analog inputs on the K-Pro.

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