Immobilizer problem.

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Immobilizer problem.

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I purchased kpro serial #2121 in May 07 and had the immobilizer matched to the ECU using described hondata procedure. After the Kpro had problems and I sent it for repair. I had just gotten it back, cleared security and uploaded a baseline 2005 kal. The immobilizer is no loger matched to the ecu for some reason! I have to disable it in kmanager for the car to start... is it not matched because of the security reset? I got back the same ECU and Kpro.
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The K-Pro does not have anything to do with the programming of the key and immobilizer other than allowing you to disable it completely (does not change what key and immobiliier are programmed in to the ecu). I would contact who did the work and see what they did. We all know this ECU was converted and sold by a non-hondata dealer so it's realy hard to say what may have been done. You probably also have a used adapter harness, as we do not sell them separately. It is also possible that the Harness you have was never sold by Hondata, but is a immitation harness.