K24A3 using PND-V4 and 5 speed

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K24A3 using PND-V4 and 5 speed

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Hi Hondata,
I have recently swapped a K24A3 into my RSX Base with 5 speed transmission.
Everything were transferred over from K20A3 to the K24A3 (everything on PRB intake manifold, knock sensor and coolant temp sensor, and crank angle sensor).
Do I need to change anything else apart from enrichment to compensate the extra capacity?

I just need to start the engine and make sure everything else is good before drive it to my tuner (50km away).

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Re: K24A3 using PND-V4 and 5 speed

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That should get it to start and then you can fine tune it. You can also try contacting the tuner for a base calibration to get it to the dyno.
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