KPro Charging problem

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KPro Charging problem

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Hi, am looking for some help to sort out a charging problem on my 2001 EP3.

My battery is not charging/batt light stays on.

Things I have done,

Relocated my Batt to the boot to fit a Turbo.

Change the alternator. (brand new)

Change ELD (new from Tegiwa) eld fauld code did not come up till I fitted the new one.

Checked fuses 10 and 4 under the steering both fine. Check connectivity between the alternator and ECU (fine) between ELD and ECU (fine) between all wires and Veh Gd and they are reading .589 ohm (checked on my working Accord and it around the same so am guessing it's normal).

I also check checked the connectivity between the No4 fuse on the Multiplex and GD and I am getting connectivity. I am also getting connectivity between the No4 fuse and a number of other pins on the fuse box.

could it be a problem with the Kpro V4 as I did not have that problem before I change them over?

Can anyone offer their knowledge in what I am missing or what they think is causing this to happen?

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