Car turns over, wont start

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Car turns over, wont start

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So heres the deal - There was a previous calibration on my K-pro which worked okay. I tried to pull it off the ECU so I could save it (didn't have a copy of it because I bought the car off someone else) but I got an error code. So I figure I'd just upload one of the calibrations that came with KManager and start from there. I tried all of the supercharged calibrations, none of them even got the car to start.

I thought about it for a while and realized maybe I should of changed the Injector Size in the calibrations (I have 650cc injectors). Tried it again with all the supercharger calibrations, still the same. Car turns over but wont start.

I had to use the "K20A2 factory calibration" to get the car started but now it sounds like crap, idles like shit, and I tried to drive it once. As soon as I took my foot off the gas the engine started to die (I guess not getting enough gas at idle). Shouldn't those s/c calibrations in KManager make my car run decent, let alone start it?

I know those are just guidelines to start tuning with but I imagine that they would at least be able to let me get down the street. Im running JRSC and cai/h/e. Could somebody help me out? If anyone has a similar setup to mine, willing to share your calibration?

And yes the immobilizer was off

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You'll have to make some recordings of the car running and check your air fuel and make adjustments as needed. If you are unsure of how to do this you should tow the car to a Hondata tuner and have it properly tuned on the dyno to avoid damage.