k20a2 750 greddy tune?

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k20a2 750 greddy tune?

Post by weltall »

okay i have a 2003 ep3 with a full type-s swap and im running the type-s greddy kit
(yes the type-s one the piping runs differently and is a bit wider than the puny ep kit)

well any way here is the deal i upgraded the injectors to 750's
and im using the 650 tune with the injector trim set to 750cc
the problem is i can notice alot of bogs here and there as well as idleing issues and it bogs after it starts at idle (on occasion)

i just wanna have it a bit more responsive than it is right now

i dont wanna get it tuned just yet because im about to do rods and pistons and go full rece or peak boost when i get back from iraq in december (i leave in june)
so you can understand that getting it tuned right now would just be a waste of money IMO

so, could sombody here hook a guy in need up?
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Post by Spunkster »

Go back to the 650's if you don't want to get it properly tuned with th 750's.