E85 K24a2 / k20a hybrid Calibrations help

K-Series Programmable ECU Calibration updates / downloads
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E85 K24a2 / k20a hybrid Calibrations help

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E85 K24a2 / k20a hybrid
can someone help me get a calibration for this setup? or atleast something close to it. will be needing this so i can drive it to get it tuned, the drive is about an 1:30 min.

thanks in advance,

heres the rundown of my setup:

K20A PRC head
ITR camshafts
ITR cam gears
ITR valves
ITR duel valve spring
ITR retainers
RC 650cc SAT injectors (12.5)
Inline pro fuel rail
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
6an Race fuel filter
Walbro 255 fuel pump
RBC Intake Manifold
Hondata Intake Manifold heatshield
DC5 Type-R throttle body
Karcepts throttle body adapter
Costume cold air intake / short ram
DTR Open Header 4-1
K24a2 TSX short block
Clean, honed, and hot tanked
K24a2 stock 87mm bore size
K24a2 Crankshaft + balanced
ACL tri race Bearings
IBspec I-Beam Ultra Light Rods (Blueprint I-Beam)
Wesico costume 12:5:1 87mm pistons
Wesico 87mm rings
Cometic 87mm head gasket
ITR oil pan
Type-S oil pump
OEM S2K oil filter
K24a2 timing chain
K20a3 PND water pump
PND thermostat
Ktuned pulley kit (3 pulley setup)
ITR tensioner
K24a2 VTC
04 Type-S transmission
Stage 4 Competion Clutch
Competion Clutch 6 puck with sprung disc

*note that I don?t have
Power steering
Air conditioning
Heat (routed back to motor)
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Use at your own RISK!!!!

this is a very very!!! base map. I would not drive an hour and 30mins on it But you can use it to do some street tuning on your own. or even do some data logs and have members on your fav site help you tweak it. I made this ma off of the TSX map, and i am by no means a good tuner. Just needed to be able to drive my car around.

Make sure to change your injector size, and pull some timing, as i only have 11.7/1 cp pistons. and keep an eye on the knocks.

this is off of a k24a1 with a stock k20a2 head
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Post by rockstar »

thanks a bunch! ill try this out and let you know.
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I need this kal ... but the browser said...file does not exist ??
EM2 k20a2 powered
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Be aware that the ethanol content of E85 varies from place to place and by time of year, usually from about 70% ethanol to 82% ethanol.
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Yeah I know specialy in Canada we have winter and summer gasoline for prevent one from freezing and the other one from vapor lock...

But my car is a summer car...

And in fact I only want a base map for breakin period and for have a base for dyno tune. I expect keep an eyes on all the sensor data and work on ignition if I see some pinking to get a real SAFE map before dyno. I not gonna push the engine at ful load before it get tuned...

This is my setup...

K20a2 head
K20a Camshaft
K20a valves springs
K20a Intake manifold
Hondata intake manifold gasket
RDX 410cc injectors
K20a2 TB
DC sport short header
3 inch custom mandrel exhaust line
3 inch high flow cat
ACT streetlite flywheel
ACT street performance clutch
ARP headstuds
K24a3 Bloc
K24a3 balance and lightened crankshaft
Wiseco 87.5mm 12.5:1 comp ratio
Eagle rod
K20a2 oil pump
K20a2 oil pan and baffle plate
K20a2 oil cooler
Hondata KPro...
Run with 91 octane gas

So do you have a map fit a little with my setup ?

PS... sorry if my english suck I usually speak french
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