jerk while in freeway

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no fried ecu, turned out to be a bad map sensor
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im also having the same problem, havnt actually recorded it but a/f jumps to 10:1 for a second then back to normal. Il try the beta and see if that helps out
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V-Spec race development wrote:I have the same problem about jerkyness. It usually happen when i'm around 2000-3000 rpm specially before I change gears. It does not happen above 4k rpm just below that. Fells like a fuel cut off or ignition just cut off for second then it'll drive fine in the upper rpm.
Oh wow, i thought it was just me, i have the exact same thing happen at 1900-2300 rpm!!! before when i was using a p72 map, it would happen around 2500-3000 rpm, i thought maybe i shouldn't use it on my b18b, so i switch to a p75, and it still happening.

i plugged back my stock ECU, and don't seem to have such problem... this happened on the latest version 1.4.7... also in previous 1.4.5 as well.
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