1998 prelude SH with S300

s300 and SManager software questions & answers
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1998 prelude SH with S300

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A friend of mine is having a problem with a shop she is dealing with. They just fully built her motor. She needs to get the car tuned so she bought a S300 system with a hondata ecu with the built in jumper harness. When the stock ecu is in the car the car revs fine. When they installed the s300 ecu the car will not rev above 2500rpm. The shop keeps telling her the s300 ecu is bad. So she sent it back to hondata to test it and they said it was fine. The car will not rev above 2500rpm with the s300 and the shop keeps telling her its bad and she needs a new one. Anyone have any ideas for her what the issue can be?
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On a different note, just to let you know, with a chipped ecu and hondata, you won't be able to use the stock atts............
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hondata is obd1,

might need to change to obd1 distributor, cause the crank position sensor might not work,
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Are there error codes and have the balance shafts been eliminated?
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