Closed Loop Malfunction

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Re: Closed Loop Malfunction

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Hello everyone I'm new to the group. I have a k24a2 swapped del sol and I've been having the same problem. It at first only happened every first start it would be in closed loop for a few minutes while its idling then switch to open and stay until I restarted the car. Then it would be fine the whole day unless I left it sir for hours. Now it does it 2 times every cold start and will randomly switch to open loop and stay there while I'm driving sometimes. It's getting worse and worse I have no idea why. I have kpro v2. I'm starting to think it's just a bad ecu. Anybody else have this problem and fixed it? Btw last year before I blew my built k24 it was doing this as well. I have since swapped in stock 08k24a2 so I sont think it's anything mechanical on the motor. Please help I dont want to start replacing expensive shit until I find it.
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Re: Closed Loop Malfunction

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Hi just thought I would bump this thread if anyone found a answer to this question. I have tried everything that was suggested in this thread. I broke down and bought a new ecu and the problem persists.
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