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D16Z6 basemap ?

Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2006 4:33 am
by Nagata-San74

I'm just starting with my S300

I've a '94 D16Z6 Hatch

looking for the basemap to start working N/A

turbo coming in few months...


Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2006 12:42 pm
by Spunkster
Go to File, New and you can create your basemap from there.

Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2006 1:18 pm
by Nagata-San74
thanks ! :D

Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2006 5:23 am
by Nagata-San74
just checked the map

I'm scared of what I see...

Is it really made for a stock D16Z6 ??

Stock rev limit: 7480rpm
Hondata: 8500+ !!

I'm scared about the timing... :cry: