question about the s300

s300 and SManager software questions & answers
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question about the s300

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whats going on?

just to make this quick. i have a s200 witch i am about to switch it over to the s300. the program or files i have for my s200 be transford to an s300 nad also dos the s300 come with a base probrame?


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You can download the Smanager software and see the calibrations built in to it and also see how it works.

From the Smanager help file:

Upgrading V3 Files

RomEditor V3 files may be opened from the File menu. These files are automatically converted into s300 compatible files. There are a number of differences to note from the conversion:

? V3 ROMs do not store the old and new injection size in the file. When converting you are prompted for this information.

? Launch limiter rpm and shift limiter rpm are now stored in the ROM file.

? Features used in the SManager software will be initialized to default values.

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Post by sulsa76 »

I'm not flaming you, but you should spend a moment spell checking your post. It makes it difficult to respond when we aren't sure what you are asking.
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