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Problem with s300 and JRSC Prelude

Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2006 1:07 pm
by ludechopper
i have a 2000 prelude with a jackson racing sc, intake, header, exhaust, msd 6al and blaster 2 coil, rc 550cc injectors. I just installed my new s300 (in p28 ecu). Before I started I did not have any error codes. After I got the s300 and injectors installed now I have error code 9 (cylinder sensor). I am running the h22 with jrsc and 550 cc inj cal. Is there some kind of setting that I have wrong. Can anyone help me. I have attached a copy of my cal
thanks Jacob

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2006 9:18 am
by Spunkster
Check the Helms manual against the wiring of a Civic or Integra. We have found that some Preludes have the CYL sensors wired backwards.

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2006 11:48 am
by ludechopper
so would I just need to swap 2 wires? does anyone know what wires I have the manual for a prelude but not for the civic

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2006 1:37 pm
by Spunkster
Just look in teh 2001 PRelude book, it should have all info from 97 to 2001 and there is obviously some minor change in there.

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2006 4:15 pm
by ludechopper
I swaped the two wires and nothing happened I still get the same error. I trouble shot the sensor and wiring harness and everything was ok. There is a yellow wire and a black wire do you know what pin each of them should be going to on the p28 I know where they are on my wiring harness. Just a question I am still using my obd2 dizzy and the injectors are for obd2 is all of that ok or did I need to swap all that to obd1

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2006 4:38 pm
by Spunkster

Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2006 4:22 pm
by ludechopper
I have the wires right the cyp m is to the cyp m and cyp p is to the cyp p and I still get the check engine light have you got any other ideas on what is happening and will it hurt for me to drive the car this way. It seems to be running pretty well if only the check engine light would go away

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2006 11:23 am
by Spunkster
The car will be in limp mode with that error. You will need to resolve this error before attempting to tune the vehicle.

Have any other aftermarket electronics been installed in this car?

We have had this reproted in a few isolated cases, and there never has been a concrete reason why 1 in 20 Preludes does this.

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2006 11:31 am
by ludechopper
the only other electronics is a msd 6al but that is it

so when I get this fixed it will run better?