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I have similar issues. Right now I'm using a Hallman Pro MBC now cause it's reliable and works. Even running off the WG spring is rock solid pressure. Anyways. I had my EBC hooked up as per hondata's instructions with all the GM part numbers and it NEVER worked right. If I picked 15% it would boost and hold maybe 15, but creep a bit in the top end. If I went any higher by 1% increments, it would creep BAD. like 16 psi setting, after 7000rpm would creep to 25. I even tried to set the boost perameters up for duty cycle vs boost pressure and it still never worked right. the first few %'s would be close, but whenever I upped the duty cycle by 1% at a time it jsut made the boost boost a bit higher, but make it creep more and more and hit boost cut. So I ditched it and went MBC. I don't care much for the gear dependant. I jsut wanta fixed duty cycle... Seems like a common problem here?
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yea i dont know what else to do, with mine i really wanted the gear dependent boost, but creep sucks esspecially when it creeps ALOT!! my turbo spools noticbly faster with the MBC.... any ideas hondata??
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We need calibrations, datalogs, and descriptions of how the solenoid is plumbed in. The hose diameters amd wastegate type and size also make a difference.