Question about voltage/lambda conversion table

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Question about voltage/lambda conversion table

Post by CripTofer »

P28 ecu have been using s300 for about year now. the last up date changed the values in the vlotage/lambda conversion table. the question is why is there 3 boxes now for voltage? i changed the setting to 0v = 10.00 and 5v = 20.00 but what goes in the 3rd option? voltage settings are for a PLX wideband.
the setting that opened after the update were 0v=1.47 5=.73 and 5=.73

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Post by Hondata »

This is for lambda meters which have a non-linear voltage output. In your case, leaving the last two columns the same will work for you.
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Post by Wolli »

it´s not possible to set it to 0V@0.5 and 5V@1.52. it always jumps to some crazy values! everytime when i have learned the handling with smanager, hondata changes it!
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Post by 91accordexr33 »

are you entering them in the 1st and second columns, or the first and third?

i had the same issue until i entered a middle value on the second column