b16a jrsc power?

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b16a jrsc power?

Post by vimport.com »

I was wondering what can of power would a b16a with jrsc at 5-6 psi make? Anyone out there have similiar setup?

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Post by drifter57 »

w/o hondata, with stock setup and CAI only, u might see about 155-165whp

w/hondata, injectors and a tune, u can probably net around 185-190whp... this is w/no bolton's except for a cai

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Post by ronin »

i have seen b16 Si's run 200 plus with i/h/e on the jrsc running 8psi, on stock injectors, the jrsc fpr, and stock ecu. ran around 13.8s
turbo/scc/etc tested their kit to make 186 whp with ihe and no hondata
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