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can someone help me with a basemap?

Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2009 6:58 pm
by slowhitEJ1
i ordered a s100 and it didn't include a basemap like it was supposed to, so i was wondering if someone could help me build a basemap using romeditor v4? it's a vitara build Z6, FJspec custom length I beams, zex 59300, holset HX35, precision 880's, and GM 3 bar MAP sensor.. if anyone could help me, i'd GREATLY appreciate it..

i started out with the D16supercharged map that's already in the romeditor, changed the injector output from 440 to 880, and changed the map from the stock to the motec 3 bar (hondata says output on GM 3 bar at atmostpheric is 1.6v, and motec's output at atmospheric is 1.66v)