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hondata s200 cuts off at 4,000 rpm. please help

Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2011 5:19 pm
by PhatAccord
so i finally have the chance to get my car tuned today; but have an issue w/ it cutting out at 4,000 rpm.
my set up is as follows;
94 jdm h22a with i/h/e
omni power 70mm tb w/ port matched plenum

my tuner plugs in my p28 w/ my s200; wasnt able to communicate w/ it on his laptop at 1st.
plugs his p28 w/ his s200 set up in, and was able to communicate.
starts tuning it, but it starts cutting off at 4,000 rpm. like a rev limiter.
disconnects his set up; plugs my set up in and at this time it communicates and he does what he has to do, change the mapping and such to run right with my setup. car runs like a champ. and even puts out higher hp and tq.
we go on a road test, and still running like a champ. all done tuning at this point.
car sits for maybe 30 mins. as im just hanging out and then i leave the shop. as im driving, it starts acting up again; cutting off at 4,000 rpm.

i turn around and go back to my tuner and he thinks that both mine and his p28 have poor solder connections. suggested me to drive it in the morning when its cold. and see what happens.

strange how both p28's are cutting off @ 4,000 rpm
but at one point, my p28 was running fine w/o any problems

anyone ever have this issue? please help. thanx

Re: hondata s200 cuts off at 4,000 rpm. please help

Posted: Sat Oct 15, 2011 10:21 pm
by PhatAccord
spoke w/ a friend and he had a chance to take a look at my setup. opened up both sides of the ecu covers to inspect and had a feeling that the soldering on the rom socket was poorly done. he cleaned up the points and had me re-install it. worked like a charm. drove around all day today and havent had any issues so far.