hondata-zex wiring help PLEASE HELP ME

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hondata-zex wiring help PLEASE HELP ME

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Hey guys, I am going to the dyno jet to get my car tuned this wensday August 10, I am trying to wire my zex nitrous kit to work with the s200. I found a wiring diagram on the hondata site but i am not sure if it will even work because the zex kit reads the voltage throught the TPS , and in the diagram i found would require me to disconnect the white wire on the zex box (TPS) and connect it to the ecu. CAN ANYONE HELP ME is their a diagram i can follow for the zex kit that will definetly work i dont want to pay for two trips to the dyno THANK YOU
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You should hook up the kit as a dry setup and follow exactly the wiring diagram on our website. Don't use the ZEX control unit or any of their fueling stuff, just use the Hondata to properly tune the fueling.
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