Help setting rev-limits and shift light.

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Help setting rev-limits and shift light.

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I NEED HELP! I have a s200 system attached to my p75 (non-vtec) ecu. Every time I try to set my rev-limits it doesn't work. Here is what happens:

1. I turn the ignition on but don't start the car.
2. I press the button once and the light flashes twice, pauses then flashes once every second.
3. I press the brake to get to the launch limiter mode, NO FLASHES, I thought the light was supposed to start flashing the thousands of revs? It's like it completely shuts the unit off and I have to start over.

Also, the light will only flash a maximum of four time, not five. Is this because it removed the "cam-change" option? Either way, anytime I try to set the launch limiter it end up being at like 1500rpm. When I try to set the shift light it comes on at 2000rpm. What am I doing wrong? HELP ME PLEASE!!! :?
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same problem with the shift light at 2100 and launch limiter... but my CEL comes on and blinks