Need help... 2nd system...

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Need help... 2nd system...

Post by AECampeau »

Ok so one of our customer came in to get retune.

We recently bought our s200 dealer kit.

So it was the 1st car to tune since we have our licence.

We realised after installing the romeditor4 and all the drivers that the car wasnt datalogging.

then we checked on the blue box that the customer had already in his car and realised that its a staged 2.

Now, is anyone have the software to tune this system? Because the customer is not really in the mood to spend another 500$ to upgrade to s300.

Im sure that there is somehow a way to tune his car... after all you cant just buy something and after couple years you need to trow it to the carbage...?

thx for the help... :oops:

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Post by Hondata »

If you have an s200 with RomEditor4, then you can tune the car using that system, then when finished burn a ROM, and the customer's s200 should work with that ROM image.

Romeditor4 cannot be used on an old staged system.