Copy and paste s300 maps into RomEditor4.

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Copy and paste s300 maps into RomEditor4.

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can it be done? I have been using my roommates s300 cause his car is still a year from being ready. I have my car running perfectly on s300. Well now he's parting everything out to go k series. Including the s300. I have an old s200 with boost option laying around. My question is can I have a tuner or someone with RE4 copy and paste my maps into RE4 and burn me a chip? I know I would have to set my idle and vtec and fuel trim in the RE4. But I'm asking if it can be done. I'm still about 2 months from having enough for tuning cause I just went back to school and money is tight.
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No, you can't copy and paste the maps. You would have to type in each cell individually. If he is parting it out, why not just get the s300 from him and sell your s200?