stock b20vtec turbo map needed.

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stock b20vtec turbo map needed.

Post by ericbalanzar »

Stock B20block
b16a head with supertech dual spring valve train
gsr cams
dsm 450 cc w resistor box
t04e/t3t4 ebay a/r 60 /.57 trim turbo
plm topmount manifold
rev9 44mm wastegate 10 lb spring
full 2.5 catback
walbro 255
type s bov
b16 trans
DIY tuning 4 Bar Map sensor (Omni 4 bar replica) but will have stock if needed
adjustable fpr

***vtec must be disabled cause my sensor is not working atm and if u can throw some anti lag in there id appreciate****
need a basemap that will stop my smoking from burning fuel
constantly in 10's afrs

this will be my first attempt with hondata. finally ditched the crome.
first time messing with tuning but I do build my own engines so no I'm not retarded when It comes to this.

thanks a lot you guys. if u need to email it or whatever. not sure how this forum works.
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Re: stock b20vtec turbo map needed.

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did you ever get a basemap?
1999 B20vTurboDC2
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