d16y8 brian crower stage 2 cams(Bc0071)

Calibrations for S-Manager - Use all calibrations at your own risk (dyno tuning recommended)
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d16y8 brian crower stage 2 cams(Bc0071)

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Hey i notice no one have a basemap for this setup so i am willing to give out the map that i tuned for my own car for you guys. Feel free if someone want to adjust it to make it better and resend it too me or point me to the right direction, i know there is still alot of improvement to be made. "Use at your own risk" I would say the ignition is a bit aggressive so if you would want too maybe -1 degree for whole map and start from there. Overall this current map, made my car feel like stock and power is there when i floor maybe with slightly rich spot. Let me know how it do for you guys too.

Full d16y8
5 angle valve job
Ferrea valves
Bc0071 cam and springs/retainer
Aem Cam gear(Adv 1+)

Everything oem

Dc header
2.25 exhaust
Stock 240cc injectors
2.5 Intake
D16y8 Brian crower stage 2(tuned).skl
*Use at your own risk* not responsible for any damage occured
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