94gsr skunk2 im

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94gsr skunk2 im

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I have a 94 gsr stock internals. I plan to turbo so here is what is done currently. I put the p28 v3 s300 in with the CPR kit, stock gar base map. Drove weeks. then rc440cc injectors. Drove for weeks. skunk2 with 70mm Tb. Driving still. I put all in that order. Right after the the s300 I learned I had a 5k rpm throttle stab 2 second bog in 1st and 2nd gear, thought it might be something to do with the iab. When I put the 440cc injectors in my
Fuel mileage dropped from about 310 per tank to abt. 290. Then when I added the Im and Tb all that stayed the same and while cruising letting off the gas and back on isn't smooth.

I've read tuning tips for gsrs with the skunk2 I'm and 70mm Tb use a p30 1.6 map with 1.8 mod. So I've taken that as there is a such map labeled but I cannot find it!

Maybe someone can point me in the right direction of what I need. If I just need to get it tuned I will. I just figured id ask here before I do so.
94 4dr. gsr 201,000 and growing miles running 10lbs from a cx racing turbo.
Hondata s300 v3 p28, cpr, rc440cc, pro series IM, 70mm tb, lc2 wb, half core rad. Cx turbo and other things
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Re: 94gsr skunk2 im

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If it has not been tuned, then that should be the first thing you do.
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