New rebuilt zeeo miles b20b with gsr

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New rebuilt zeeo miles b20b with gsr

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to get it to the tuner any help would be appreciated
Specs :
b20b block bored and deckdown 84.5mm
Stock rods
Itr RS Piston 11.5 to 11.8 Comp pistons
GSR head port n polish over sized intake vavles exhuast vavle stock
Manley vavle spring with titiaum retainers upgrade lmas also.
2000 itr cam
arp head studs rod bolts
Hondata intake gasket.
70mm throttle body
RC 310 injectors
STOCK cams gears
PLM big tube header.

anyone help me??
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Re: New rebuilt zeeo miles b20b with gsr

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Try this map out let me know how it do. If you have wideband i advise to adjust afr to spec. Let me know how it do and i'll try to help if theres any problem!
B20v basemap.skl
*Use at your own risk, any damage occur I will not be responsible*
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