new to Hondata! help with h22

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new to Hondata! help with h22

Post by gerard0hh »

I have a euro h22 in my prelude. complete bolt ons, just swapped my injectors to 550cc bosch and I also got the rosko racing upgrades done on my manifold. I'm running all stock internals though. looking to flash with a stock euro map to see how it runs. any advice would be taken, thanks in advance. never datalogged so I'm starting from scratch.

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Re: new to Hondata! help with h22

Post by Zperformance »

I advice having a wideband to adjust afr to spec. Give me feedback if there is any problem i will try to help with what i can.
H22 Base.skl
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Re: new to Hondata! help with h22

Post by Benbrown3 »

don't suppose anyone has a basemap for a h22a5?

Cheers Ben

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