Need base map for 6466 B18c-R

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Need base map for 6466 B18c-R

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Hey fellas im new here and was hoping someone can help me out
I need a base map for my build to drive and break her in before the dyno.
It is a full b18c Type-r swap

CNC polished
ferrea valves / valve guides
ferrea dual springs and retainers
skunk 2 ultra race intake manifold
skunk 2 alpha 70mm throttle body
skunk 2 pro 1 turbo cams
BWR Top mount turbo manifold
6466 Precision Turbo
1000cc injectors

darton MID sleeves (82mm bore)
CP pistons 11:0.1
Manley turbo-tuff rods
LS crank

If anyone can help me out that would be AWESOME!
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