Need Basemap for stock lsvtec turbo gt2871r

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Need Basemap for stock lsvtec turbo gt2871r

Post by BoostedSkunk2 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:48 pm

Hey everyone,
This is my first time using Hondata and also my first time visiting the forum. Im looking for a basemap so I can drive my car over to the dyno and have it tuned. I was unable to find any basemaps for this setup on e85. Any help would be appreciated!! Let me know if you need any more details! I know the turbo is very very small and will spool quick but thats what Im looking for.

stock lsvtec with a b16 head
1000cc Rc injectors
450 fuel pump
Ram horn header
full 3inch exhaust
Garret gt2871r with a T04S compressor and an ar63 hot side.

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