looking for a B20z basemap with 13.1/13.2 A/F

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looking for a B20z basemap with 13.1/13.2 A/F

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I'm looking for a certain tuned B20z basemap.

- intake to V stack
- 68mm throttle body
- port matched LS manifold
- 4-1 header
- oem cat
- 2.5 catback exhaust

Its currently running on the stock B20 calibration.

Had the car dynoed just to see where it was at for a stock motor with bolt-ons and it made 143hp and 130tq.

I'm currently using the oem fuel rail and injectors but i have an AEM fuel rail and 440's that I'm planning to install when I go vtec. My A/F ratio is in the 11's when idling and drops to 10's when I give it gas.

Does anyone have a tuned map with bolt ons similar to what I have and A/F ratio of 13.1/13.2?

thanks for looking
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