D16Z6 Turbo calibration ?

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D16Z6 Turbo calibration ?

Post by Nagata-San74 »

Does anyone of you have a basemap for this basic setup ?

T3/T4 .63
440cc RC
255l/h Walbro
2,25 piping

HELP ! :?
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buy a wide band o2 sensor/controller. your new best friend. idle will be your biggest trick, but closed loop takes care of itself. you shouldnt go any leaner than 12.8:1 on 93 octane, especially on a stocker. as timing goes, 12-14 degrees atdc is easiest on your bearings, although you could make a few more hp at the sacrifice of longevity by increasing timing. i suggest plx m300 wideband o2. great bang for the buck, and its listed in the s300.
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