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Anyone have map for E85??

Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2009 5:38 am
by hondapowaa
Hello, i search any map for any motor who set for E85 fuel.

It's just to look many things, look differences between standar fuel etc.

If you can post your calabration it will be nice :)

Thanks in advance!

Posted: Sun Mar 15, 2009 11:04 pm
by hybridcivicls-t
I have a map on e85 but my injectors are the injectors

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2009 4:10 pm
by hondapowaa
hybridcivicls-t wrote:I have a map on e85 but my injectors are the injectors
Can you post in attachment you map please?
and if possible your non e85 map too?

What engine have you?

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 9:43 pm
by hybridcivicls-t

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 4:05 am
by Luke
in general you'll need a lot more fuel than stock, something about 20% more, caused by smaller fuel value of E85.

when tuning ignition timing for E85, take care of it. as soon as you'll fuel some petrol in, it isn't E85 anymore. furthermore it is something between E0 (E10 in germany) and E85. that will cause knock, so you have to retard ignition.

today there is not sollution with hondata to retard ignition refered to an external sensor. i know, that continetal has a flexifuel sensor, which messures the fuel and give you a voltage. with that voltage tells you whether it is E0 or E100 ;)

if there would be such a possibility with hondata, that you can retard ignition by external sensor, there would be a proper E85 sollution.

best regards Lukas

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 6:56 pm
by deafy
About how much timing advance is needed when switching from 93 octane to E85?

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 10:52 pm
by Luke
not quite sure, check it on a dyno.
only there you'll find the highest engine power and torque output.

but again: if you tune for E85, be sure, that you always fuel up with E85 and nothing else.

if tuned for E85 and driving 93oktane, you'll kill your engine.

a friend of mine tuned 2 maps. one for E85 and one for 100oktane (Shell V-Power in Germany).
after fueling up with vpower, he forgot to switch the maps, went on the autobahn and just got a hole in his piston :D

well, in fact, here in germany we tune another way than in die US, caused by our autobahn. our cars are able to go 140mph+ for a long time. these are other thermal situations than on the quarter mile or on long distances on the US highway.

so we have a higher risk of broken thing than you.

as i tell a lot of guys here: please think first, before building something. that will cost less money and cause less headache. if you've got to much money, i'll give you my bank account number ;) (or here paypal) :D

best regards Luke