Need a calibration until dyno-tuning...

Calibrations for FlashPro Manager - Use all calibrations at your own risk (dyno tuning recommended)

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Need a calibration until dyno-tuning...

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Hello. I am going to be running the following modifications:
On a 2007 Civic Si (FG2 Coupe)

Skunk2 Race Header
Full-Race 3" Exhaust

and of course, FlashPro.

I've taken a look through the 20 included calibrations and think the closest will be the Civic-Si-RRB-5-SkunkHdr (described as "CAI, Skunk2 Headers and Catback").

Does this sound like a safe choice to go with until I can get a proper dyno-tune?

Will information from the data-logging feature work fine while just driving normally, allowing me to get further adjustment advice for this?
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yes.... use it
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Re: Need a calibration until dyno-tuning...

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