MAP Calibration for 08 Si: HPS intake + K&N filter

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MAP Calibration for 08 Si: HPS intake + K&N filter

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Looking for Calibration for 08 Si: HPS intake + K&N filter and thats it for mods.
intake - ... -hose.html

I've used the Completely Stock Tuned MAF calibration with success, no knock, runs a little rich and okay results.

Looking to use MAP based tune if you have one to share or reccomend using one of the preloaded calibrations for a different intake.

I have tried the "Race-Stock-Tuned" and find it runs lean and has knock in multiple different areas. not terribly bad so I have made adjustments myself on A/F and reduced some timing in areas. I've noticed less knock and better A/Fs

Main area that is problematic is 5th and 6th gear cruising on highway 25% to full throttle where I will see knock even with the A/F ratios where Hondata reccomends. Many areas have only knock retard without knock but in the data log I don't see IGN deg actually behing reduced and lines up with the tables. Maybe the datalog isn't capturing it correctly.

I will post datalogs and current progress of my street tunning later

Thinking I might need to adjust something in the knock level or what not.
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