FG map with bolt on modifications map

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FG map with bolt on modifications map

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i know every body who uses a flashpro drives a new engine. k20z1, k20z3....etc..

My car is a modified from k20z2 to fit k20a2 cams and piston, so basicaslly, my whole engine is a k20a2, sorta, or perform like it.

Anyone with a flashpro calibration , for civic FG calibration

stock k20a2 cams n valvetrain, basically stock k20a2 head
ported head
stock k20a2 block with stock oem 11.0:1 pistons
with aftermarket 4-2-1 header w 3 inch collector
3" high flow cat + 3" pipe through out + 3" muffler
RBC intake manifold,
skunk 2 throttle body
4" open pod filter (Short ram style)

any 1 with similiar mods, please share your calibrations.
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Re: FG map with bolt on modifications map

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