A/F Ratio Off

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A/F Ratio Off

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Hi, I'm new to the Flashpro tuning world and would greatly appreciate any tips or advice you can teach to someone willing to learn
First off I loaded one of the preset maps with the closest bolt ons that were close enough to mine. Everything went well and runs great in my opinion, Just a couple things I've noticed while looking at the Datalogs. First the amount of knocks that go on in cylinder #2, Now I have read that this could be "Ghost Knocks" from the sensor being located in cylinder 2 and fans kicking on and ect... The other thing is I've noticed at some point in my drive the A/F Ratio is sky rocketing to 29.40 and any time you see red in the datalog that just says bad all over it. I'll load up a datalog of me going on a test drive on the highway and getting on the throttle a little bit. If any one could help me with some advice on how to fix this through flashpro i would be greatful, Thank you.

Software Version:
Calibration: FG2/FA5, MAP based, CAI, Skunk2 header & catback.
Datalog: Attached In Post
Vehicle: 2007 Honda Civic Si
ECU: I believe OBDII
Mods: Skunk2 Catback 70mm, Skunk2 Alpha Headers, K&N SRI, Hondata Flashpro
Problem: Being new and not knowing how to fix the A/F Ratio without messing up my engine
Sep 18 2012.fpdl
Datalog with the A/F Ratio OFf
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Re: A/F Ratio Off

Post by Hondata »

An AF of 29.4 is normal when off throttle.

The knock count is 1 after 8 minutes, which is good.
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