k24/20 built motor runing in cal.

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k24/20 built motor runing in cal.

Post by wervr »

does anyone by chance have a starting tune for a k20/24 engine full spec below.

fd2 oil pump
acl bearings
k24 crank
s2 rods
arp rod bolts
wiseco 12.5:1 pistons

s2 hi comp valves
s2 springs
s2 ti retainers
s2 intake manifold
s2 cai
s2 megapower headder
s2 stage 2 cams
s2 74mm throttlebody
74mm hks exhaust system.

no afm as fd2.

many thanks.

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Re: k24/20 built motor runing in cal.

Post by stevegarage »

i think you can use the reflash cal for running in the engine. as it goes to dyno adjust the timing first. i just done k24/20 without any issue. enjoy tuning:)

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