08 TSX Data logging problem

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Greg Hansen
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08 TSX Data logging problem

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Hi, I have an 08 TSX AT with Hondata Flashpro that I've just updated to the latest firmware, etc. I set it up to do a data logging session and I also put it in learning mode at the time and went out for a run to record this session. When I came back I went to dump it onto my laptop and play it back to see what info that it kept and there was basically nothing there. Is this data logging feature fixed or is there still a problem with it? Is there something that I could be doing wrong?
I wanted to run the self learning mode so it would correct for the fuel I am running. In stock tune form it works fine with 91 octane but with the tune I'm running it prefers 94 octane. I also have the knocking problem that others have mentioned so I would like to get rid of that as well when I'm running 91 octane.
Thanks for any help.
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Re: 08 TSX Data logging problem

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From Help, About, what version of software are you using?
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