SI 2013 02 sensor turn off

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SI 2013 02 sensor turn off

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Can I tell the ECU with a flash pro to ignore the 02 sensor 2? I installed a RV6 cat less down pipe on my 2013 SI did a ideal relearn ( let the car ideal for 30 minutes after install). It ran for about 400 miles before it throw a bank 1 sensor 2 slow response code. Disconnected the battery to reset it. Now it will come on for a day or two then check engine light goes off. This is intermittent now I just got and installed on my computer the Hondata flashpro haven't even done a reflash to the car whet and I bought a tune from Vit Viper. Where do I start.
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Re: SI 2013 02 sensor turn off

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Talk to your tuner about this as he should be able to assist you with the tuning and errors.
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