MAP Sensor Reading

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Raymond Vermeulen
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MAP Sensor Reading

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Hi There

Need help with MAP Sensor Reading.
I have a Honda Accord CL9 2007 South Africa.
I have installed the 37820-RBB-A21 ECU and using FlashPro
In my datalog my MAP Sensor is reading 0.2bar at engine idle.
When driving in Boost the MAP reads around 1.2bar where the mechanical
gauge reads 0.5 bar, I have checked with several gauges, and it's 0.5bar not 1.2 bar.
Is there a setting to correct this, perhaps somewhere where I can set the atmospheric pressure.
Please help?

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Re: MAP Sensor Reading

Post by Hondata »

The MAP sensor reads absolute pressure and boost gauges usually read relative pressure to atmospheric, but they should not be that different.o

What elevation are you at? Also you can check what the ECU reads with key on, engine off. It should be around 100 kPA, depending on elevation.

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