Base Map Request and Cam question

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Base Map Request and Cam question

Post by nycclaye »

Simple question. Situation, my car is about to be finished with the engine build, with the main upgrade being the Stage 2 Cams. Can the car start with the same turbo map that was on there with the stock cams?

The shop that did the engine build is not the same shop that is doing the tuning due to distance.

**it won't be driven to the tuner, it'll be on the trailer and taken a few hours away for tuning***

If not, does anyone have a base map? The car is a Greddy Log manifold turbo with a GT3076, crushed FPR Walbro 255lph, ID1000cc injectors and Full-Race exhaust.
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Re: Base Map Request and Cam question

Post by Spunkster »

You should talk to the tuner about this since they will be doing the tuning on it. You might be able to start it, but it really depends on the previous tuning.
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