Tune for Elevation

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Tune for Elevation

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Hi everybody. I have a 2008 Civic SI with a Skunk2 CAI and siri moto TB spacer. I am new the Flashpro world and am trying to teach myself how to tune my car. I am getting a tune from Vit right now but I wanted something in the mean time that's safe for my car. I am at 5300 feet above sea level and all the base cals run lean on my car. I don't see more than .8 bar on my MAP reading so I don't think the base cals work because my car never enters the WOT columns 9 and 10. I have found a FlashProtuning.com cal I found that I've tweeked a bit to get my a/f down to around 13.5 but that still seems to lean. I am also seeing 25% of fuel trim at low speed which is bad. My plan is to just add 10% fuel to the entire fuel table and tweek the ignition advance for columns 7 and 8. Or do I need to adjust how the MAP determines WOT before I do that? Thanks for any help you guys can give me. Here is a datalog from this morning.
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Re: Tune for Elevation

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I would click the Calibration Tab, then Closed Loop and look at the MAP WOT determination pressure table. At your elevation, the pressure in bar should be about 0.1 lower at ALL RPM's than what's shown in this table (i.e, at 4500, 6000, 7000, 8000 RPM, the WOT pressure should be 0.650 bar, not 0.750).
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Then, I would go into each low/high Fuel table and add 7% to every Column 7 and 8. That should get your WOT fueling closer to 12.5. You can add 7% to all columns 9 and 10 as well so your tables look right, but 5300 ft elevation, those fuel columns won't ever get used by the ECU.

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Re: Tune for Elevation

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You really should discuss this with your tuner, since that is what you are paying them for.

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