Si flash sucks

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Si flash sucks

Post by SlowRide »

I previously had a 2016 EX-T CVT and loved it... This thing hauled so much ass.. I beat a 5.0 prochgarged Mustang. I traded in my EX-T for a 2017 Si and this thing blows... It is nowhere near as fast and it has mad rev hang... I so wish I had a throttle cable. I can not stand the rev hang.

So... Who does these calibrations? Why was my EX-T so great and my Si a disappointment. The Si has better cams and turbine turbo wheel. So, WTH? I am super disappointed.


Plerase help, I know this is only a matter of tuning.



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Re: Si flash sucks

Post by Jun43 »

Which calibration are you using for your Si?
If you are using the +9 calibration and it feels slower than the CVT. You have a problem somewhere. Have you done any datalogging? if so post them up, so we can see what's going on. If you haven't done any datalogging then go out and do some with full throttle. Post the datalog and calibration you used

you should take your car to a tuner and get it dyno tuned.
you can get rid of the rev hang by lowering the value on the overrun fuel cut delay table

Also your CVT did not beat a 5.0 procharger mustang unless he was just cruising and you drove pass him

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Re: Si flash sucks

Post by Spunkster »

The Si has similar cams to the EX-T
The turbine wheel reduces backpressure and adds power mainly above 5500 rpm
Our stock EX-T CVT beats our tuned 2012 Si ( )
The flywheel on the Si is very heavy, which makes the engine slower to gain or lose revs.

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