2008 Si Base Map Inquiry

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2008 Si Base Map Inquiry

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Hi all

New to the forums, can't PM

I have an '08 Si sedan, that was previously boosted. I couldn't stop tearing up clutches, so I decided to switch to N/A. I need a basemap to be able to drive the car through the clutch (and flywheel) break-in period of 1k miles. Once I can really drive it, I plan to get a "final" tune. Mods list (relevant):

J37 throttle body w/ spacer (slight porting on intake manifold - not much to take off)
Injen short ram intake (3" x 2.5" 45 degree coupler swapped for a 3" x 3")
RDX 410cc injectors (waiting on clips to re-pin)
Megan racing (I know, I know, lol) 4-1 header
Custom 2.5" exhaust (no cat, Vibrant resonator and muffler)

I've looked at the calibrations available in FlashPro, and I've read the disclaimer for this forum. The closest thing I can find in FlashPro is one for a high-flow cat, stock cat-back, and stock injectors, none of which i have.

Will this calibration be good enough for me to use for 1k miles of conservative driving, will it take some editing, or will I not know until I can really see how it performs on the car? Any takers willing to make a calibration, if this one is no good for my setup?

Thanks for any help/advice y'all can give me.


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