Dyno tuned calibration - safe to use?

Calibrations for FlashPro Manager - Use all calibrations at your own risk (dyno tuning recommended)

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Dyno tuned calibration - safe to use?

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I am just getting into flashpro tuning, I have an 07 Civic SI with bolt-ons (basically CAI, header, and exhaust). I got the car dyno tuned locally with the flashpro but I have concerns about the final calibration. As I have learned the software and been datalogging it appears that the tune isn't the best, especially at part throttle (where I do most of my driving). Some things look obviously wrong, like short term fuel trim is always very low (-20), never positive, etc. Now I am starting see knock, mostly on #2 cylinder, but not consistently.

I would appreciate it if anyone could look at the attached calibration and datalogs and provide some feedback. The two datalogs were done the same day, same conditions, etc. Thanks!
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Re: Dyno tuned calibration - safe to use?

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I wouldn't use that tuned you have a lot of knocks . I could see maybe a knock here and and during WOT .
There is a guy on instagram that cheap uses paypal and can do a street tuned. the Name is Spectre tuned
He tuned mine I have 0 knocks, a mean crossover. and runs smooth

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